Caroline Polachek’s Strong Solo Run Continues With Two New Song, ‘Ocean Of Tears’ And ‘Parachute’


A month ago, Caroline Polachek (formerly of Chairlift) revealed that she would be releasing a “larger solo project” at some point “later this year” while sharing “Door,” her first post-Chairlift single under her real name. Now there’s more concrete info about her next record, as Polachek announced that her upcoming album is called Pang, and it’s coming at some point this fall via Columbia Records. That info came alongside the release of two new songs from the record, the alternative and hip-hop-influenced “Ocean Of Tears” and the ethereal “Parachute.”

“Parachute” was the first song written for Pang, and Polachek said of it, “It was an incredible moment, realizing that this melody we’d written was unintentionally re-telling a dream I’d been shaken by. I went home, re-drafted the words to fit, and came back to the studio at 1am to record the vocal the same day. And that’s the take we kept. From that moment on, [producer/composer Danny L Harle] and I knew we had a lot more work to do together. […] ‘Parachute’ is about the total trust that only comes with total emergency. Like a mayfly trying its wings for the first time over a large body of water full of hungry fish… and the wings work.”

Meanwhile, “Ocean Of Tears” was actually the last song written for the album, and Polachek says of it, “‘Ocean Of Tears’ is dedicated to the sharp pain of being in love with someone far away, and the maddening doubt that comes with it. […] I’d really like someone to figure skate to this at the 2022 Winter Olympics.”

Listen to “Ocean Of Tears” and “Parachute” above.