Dijon Laments A Cycle Of Pain In His Cluttered ‘Many Times’ Video

In many ways, the visual clutter of the video for Dijon’s new single “Many Times” reflects the song’s subject: A cycle of pain and confusion caused by a loved one who doesn’t understand the impact their chaotic actions are having. Shot over Dijon’s shoulder during a percussive jam session with his band and featuring the song’s lyrics splashed across the screen, the video captures the narrator’s inner turmoil before a seemingly sloshed Dijon stumbles over to the kitchen sink, presumably to spill a different kind of guts. Mercifully, the video smash-cuts to black.

“Many Times” is set to appear on Dijon’s upcoming debut album, the follow-up to his 2020 EP How Do You Feel About Getting Married? In addition to echoing the chaotic mood of the song, the video also captures the spirit of the recording process for the album, which was recorded in a few weeks with a small group of collaborators.

Speaking of collaborators, Dijon was also a guest on fellow singer-songwriter Jim-E Stack’s early-August single “Sweet Summer Sweat” after being tapped by Stack, who was impressed by a freestyle. “When Dijon freestyled and landed on the words ‘Sweet Summer Sweat,’ I immediately had an unlived memory of young summer love in small-town America,” he recalled. “From that moment on, finishing the song became solely about articulating that feeling.”

Watch Dijon’s “Many Times” video.