Elissa Mielke Details Her Upcoming Folk Rock EP ‘Finally’ With The Melancholic ‘Trying’ Video

Elissa Mielke is no stranger to the music industry. After growing up in Canada and leaning into the Toronto music scene (she even starred in one of The Weeknd’s videos), Mielke moved to LA in 2019 and began focusing on her own musical journey. She spent the last two years writing and recording music, and Mielke is finally ready to unveil her aptly-titled EP Finally.

On Tuesday, Mielke returned to share a new lyric video to her acoustic ballad “Trying.” The visual came pared with a first look at the singer’s Finally cover art, as well as the EP’s official release date, which is slated for mid-June.

In a previous statement about the EP and her songwriting process, Mielke wrote:

“Writing songs has helped me navigate, survive and gloop through so many strange, dark, or confusing times. Even when I’ve been deeply discouraged about finding ways to share my music, grieving, struggling through isolation (or one of 3 concussions-oops!), sitting at a piano always makes some invisible thing click, heal, clarify. I can often address my inner critic with clarity through music in a way I can’t otherwise, and through writing I can dialogue with fear instead of running away. […] These songs already did what they needed to for me, so now I just hope that listening to any songs I put out in the future offers you any feeling of what making them offers me.”

Check out the Finally EP’s cover art below and watch Mielke’s “Trying” lyric video above.

Mom + Pop

Finally is out 6/11 via Slashie/Mom + Pop. Pre-order it here.

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