Fred Armisen Knows Which Of The Beatles He’d Play In A ‘Documentary Now!’ Episode Based On ‘Get Back’

Fred Armisen showed off his spot-on drumming impressions on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last month. Armisen’s command of the drum kit dates back to drumming for the band Trenchmouth or, more recently, Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers on Netflix in 2018 — and countless instances in between. So, the rest of this article shouldn’t be surprising at all.

“I know how much you love the Beatles. Have you ever thought about doing a Documentary Now! on Get Back?” James Corden asked Armisen during last night’s (October 26) The Late Late Show. “Is that something you’d do? Which Beatle would you play?”

“Ringo,” Armisen said, impersonating the Beatles icon and throwing up two peace signs. “Peace and love. Peace and love. We absolutely would. I mean, I love that. That was such a great documentary. I loved it. I watched the hell out of it.”

The Beatles: Get Back is a three-part Disney+ documentary series directed by Peter Jackson that premiered last November.

Armisen has already successfully looped Cate Blanchett in to Documentary Now!, his mockumentary IFC series co-created with Bill Hader and Seth Meyers and executive production from Lorne Michaels, the trio’s former Saturday Night Live boss. The fourth season is currently airing.

Armisen told Corden, “The show really comes together very sort of last-minute. We sort of write it all on email. Every season almost doesn’t happen.” He added that Blanchett suggested her fourth-season episode, last week’s “Two Hairdressers In Bagglyport,” so it’s entirely plausible that Armisen runs with Corden’s Get Back idea.

Watch their chat above.