Imagine Dragons Performed An Impromptu Acoustic Set At The WGA Strike To Support Writers

In case you haven’t heard, the Writers Guild of America is striking. The strike has led to the postponement of Stranger Things, as well as the shutdown of Severance. The writers are looking for better pay and structural changes at both Hollywood studios and streamers.

Tuesday, May 9, the strike continued at the Netflix headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Totally unexpectedly, Imagine Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds and guitarist Wayne Sermon showed up and gave an acoustic performance with only a microphone, a guitar, and a speaker. They performed songs like “Radioactive” and “Whatever It Takes.”

In an interview with a TMZ reporter, Reynolds explained why he wanted to support the movement: “We just want fair compensation for people who put in the time and are the incredible creators who drive so much of the entertainment that influences the world. And we have many friends also who are writers,” he said. “The writers are the ones that make all the magic happen.”

Over the weekend, Pete Davidson also showed up to a strike in Brooklyn with a stack of pizza boxes. “I got Spumoni’s for everyone,” Davidson said while giving out the food to those picketing. “Gotta support the writers, man! No shows without the writers.”