Indiecast Reviews New Albums From Olivia Rodrigo And Black Midi

Last week, Olivia Rodrigo released her highly anticipated debut album Sour. The full-length effort includes three absolutely massive singles, and sets Rodrigo as one of the biggest stars on the plant. However, much of the critical discourse that usually holds weight online was slightly lukewarm. On this week’s episode of Indiecast, Steve and Ian dig into Sour, and the confounding divide between critics and fans.

Later in the episode, the duo also discuss Cavalcade, the new album from English experimental rockers Black Midi. In the midst of an era of music consumption that gives listeners exactly what they want, Black Midi is the rare rock band with a significant profile that is unafraid of irritating people. At a time when boundless musical comfort food is at our fingertips, the buzz around the group is equal parts confusing and exciting.

In this week’s Recommendation Corner, Ian is plugging I Won’t Reach Out To You, the new EP from Michigan punks Hot Mulligan. Steve wants listeners to check out his recent interview with Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, whose forthcoming Jubilee is a big contender for indie album of the year.

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