Is Boygenius Breaking Up?

In Los Angeles last night (February 1), Boygenius played a pair of “secret” acoustic concerts at The Smell. Those two shows were apparently the band’s final ones for at least some time.

Is Boygenius Breaking Up?

Lucy Dacus reportedly said on stage at the second show, “This is our last show, and we’re feeling it.” One of the band members also reportedly said, “We’re going away for the foreseeable future.” This is according to X (formerly Twitter) account Boygenius Source, which Rolling Stone UK called a “reputable fan account.”

Boygenius Source also notes that after the surprise concerts were announced, tickets sold out “in under 30 seconds.” They also shared a full video of the second show on Instagram, so check that out below.

So, is the band breaking up? It sounds like more of a hiatus, based on the phrasing “for the foreseeable future,” which seems to leave the door open for a reunion down the road.

It could be the case that Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker would like to shift their focuses back to their solo careers at least for a bit. It has been a little while since the group members have put out albums of their own: Bridgers’ most recent solo album, Punisher, was released in 2020, while Dacus and Baker last dropped solo projects in 2021 (Home Video and Little Oblivions, respectively).

Also worth noting is that in a December 2023 interview, Baker said the band’s future was uncertain, saying, “I like it being a surprise. I like having this band be something that, because it’s more ephemeral or whatever, it’s not concretely tied to one of us or a person we have to live in every day. It’s something we can revisit when we feel motivated to, or it’s a place we can retreat to. I like saving it as something sacred instead of feeling like I have to constantly grind on it.”