Dave Grohl Could Have Played On Boygenius’ ‘The Record’ If He Wasn’t So Darn Sleepy

In a new interview for NME, Boygenius opened up about the fact that their recent album, The Record, almost had a surprise special guest: Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters. However, the drummer reportedly “slept through” the intended session, and therefore didn’t make the cut.

“We have a friend who knows him and toured with Foo Fighters,” band member Phoebe Bridgers revealed. “There was this missed connection where Dave was actually going to come to the studio and play.”

“He’s so game,” Lucy Dacus shared at another part of the interview. “I just want to stay game the way that he is.”

At the time, Grohl and the rest of the band didn’t wind up meeting yet. On Halloween, he made a surprise appearance at Boygenius’ Hollywood Bowl show, where he played the drums for their song, “Satanist” — which might have been what he was originally supposed to perform in the studio.

Grohl has also been a longtime advocate of Bridgers and her career. In 2021, Grohl defended her, after she received pushback for smashing a guitar during her SNL performance. The two also supported Billie Eilish during her show at the Kia Forum last December, which is where they officially met.

Even with Grohl and the rest of the Boygenius members not meeting during the album’s recording process, they were bound to do so eventually. Here’s hoping Grohl can join them on a studio recording soon.