Supposed Bud Light Hater Kid Rock Was Spotted Drinking The Beer After Making A Big Deal About Dissing The Brand

Back in April, after Bud Light teamed up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an ad campaign, Kid Rock expressed his dissatisfaction with the brand and it was pretty extra: He shared a video of himself shooting a bunch of Bud Light cans with a gun before saying, “F*ck Bud Light. F*ck Anheuser-Busch. Have a terrific day.”

It appears, though, that Rock didn’t keep up his boycott for too long. In July, his Nashville bar was selling Bud Light. Now, Rock isn’t afraid to throw one back himself: TMZ has photos and videos of Rock attending a Colt Ford concert at Skydeck in Nashville last night (August 17), holding one of the distinctive blue Bud Light cans and enjoying the beverage.

It’s not just Rock who’s softening on Bud Light, it seems: Business Insider reports that according to a recent Deutsche Bank survey, “Crucially, the proportion of former Bud Light drinkers who are say they are very unlikely to buy the brand in 3-6 months time has reduced from 18% to just 3%, a significant improvement.”

As CBS News notes, after the Mulvaney video, the next month, Bud Light lost its longtime status as the best-selling beer in the US, falling behind Modelo Especial. To get into specifics: “In the month ending July 15, Bud Light’s US sales were down 26.5%, while Modelo’s were up 13.5%. Bud Light held a 6.8% share of the US beer market in that period, while Modelo held an 8.7% share.”