Oneohtrix Point Never And Rosalía Share Their Long-Awaited Collaboration ‘Nothing’s Special’

In 2018, Rosalía shared some photos of herself in the studio with Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin). Naturally, this got music fans excited for whatever it was they were cooking up, but the wait for the release has been a long one. Now, though, the fruits of their collective labor have been revealed, as Rosalía features on a new version of Magic Oneohtrix Point Never album closer “Nothing’s Special.” The song stays mostly the same as the original, except Lopatin’s vocals have been replaced with Rosalía singing in Spanish.

Lopatin previously told Apple Music of the original version of the song, “There’s a kind of thesis in it. It was a really rough f*cking year and it’s been hard for everybody. Something that’s always given me a lot of solace when I’m in a funk is that I notice that I’ve become disenchanted. The thing that can kind of re-enchant me very quickly when I get there is to remember that — like the Philip K. Dick quote said — everything is kind of divine, and everything is interesting, including the stuff between the dials. The noise. I wanted to end the album on a high note, so it crescendos towards the lyric that says no matter how bleak things get, I’m still fundamentally fascinated that I can find such enchantment in such random, small things.”

Listen to “Nothing’s Special” above.