Origami Angel Announce Their Album ‘Gami Gang’ With Two Charged Singles

DC-based emo revivalists Origami Angel made waves with their 2019 debut album Somewhere City. That’s why fans were buzzing when the duo marked their comeback with two new singles and an album announcement.

Origami Angel returned this week to officially unveil details surrounding their sophomore album Gami Gang. The group followed the announcement by giving fans a taste of the album with the charged single “Neutrogena Spektor,” and the tender acoustic number “Greenbelt Station.”

In a statement about the upcoming release, bandleader Ryland Heagy said:

“This record is our biggest release to date in terms of length and track list, and we’re really happy to be building upon our existing discography in a massive way. We recorded GAMI GANG entirely in my bedroom over the pandemic, and had our wonderful engineer Jake Checkoway mix and master the tracks. It was a bit nerve racking to be recording an entire double LP worth of material on our own (Jake Checkoway recorded our Debut LP), but we ended up super happy with the results, and it added an element to this release we wouldn’t have been able to tap into otherwise. […]

As soon as we wrote ‘Nuetrogena Spektor,’ we knew it had to be a single off this record. This track dives into the ideas of self worth related to appearance, and it was pretty much a completely new thing for me writing wise. It goes hand and hand with some of the messages off of our previous LP, but gets into a much more personal perspective. The lyrics are about the elusiveness of clear skin to someone growing up with cystic acne, but the song has always felt fun and lighthearted to me because of the carefree chorus. And that is sort of what GAMI GANG is about to me at its core: Finding beauty in something you might have otherwise overlooked.”

Listen to “Neutrogena Spektor” and “Greenbelt Station” above.

Gami Gang is out 4/30 via Counter Intuitive Records. Pre-order it here.