Rhye’s Mike Milosh Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault And Grooming By His Ex-Wife

Mike Milosh, a Canadian musician best known for his work as Rhye, has been accused of sexual assault, physical abuse, grooming, and financial manipulation by his ex-wife, actress Alexa Nikolas.

Nikolas made the allegations in a series of Instagram posts titled “Groomed By The Groom,” which began, “This is an open letter about an older male ephebophile musician that groomed a teenager for a green card, success, and sex. Before I begin, I would like to take a bow to each and every human being that stood up to tell their story, even with the fear of judgement and/or persecution. I take a bow to every human being that has had to stay silent for whatever reason they felt had outweighed speaking up. Each of us heal in our own ways. We have the right to do so. As a mother I could not let my story go unheard any longer.”

She said she initiated contact with Milos in 2008 after taking LSD in an Iowa cornfield while working on the TV movie Children Of The Corn, at which point she was 16 years old. She wrote, “After my acid trip, or actually during it, I looked Milosh up and decided to send him a message. The message read ‘Hi my name is Alexa. I like your music. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, I’d love to see you play.’ Two minutes later he responds ‘what’s your phone number’ and within a minute of responding I get a call from him.”

A relationship bloomed from there and Nikolas went on to discuss a time Milosh allegedly raped her while she visited him in Germany. She wrote, “My first sexual experience with Milosh was the first night I arrived in Berlin. I was 18 years old and he was 35 years old. I took a shower and was on my period, which I remember feeling good about because I didn’t want to sleep with him right away. I wanted to postpone sleeping together so we could get to know one another.” Milosh apparently asked her to take off her clothes. “I told him no, I’m on my period, and I don’t feel comfortable,” Nikolas wrote. “He responded saying he doesn’t care about having sex while a girl is on her period. He also said he likes the taste of blood. I remember feeling very uncomfortable but I was attracted to him and I did not want our first sexual experience to be spoiled. I did not respect my no and neither did he.”

After sharing other stories about her relationship with Milosh and its eventual end, she concluded, “To this day I think he was grooming me since I was 16 years old and I think he got everything he wanted out of that situation, he got financial support as a struggling artist, a green card to continue his career, notoriety, and sex. To this day I still suffer PTSD from that relationship, even doubting my own sanity on some days. Creating this open letter has shown me that I’m not insane. My wish to Milosh is for him to experience a profound metanoia and renounce all of his disturbing ways.”

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