Steady Holiday Had A Printer Moderate Her Lighthearted Tiny Desk Concert

For obvious reasons, this year’s South By Southwest festival took place entirely online over the course of a few days at the end of March instead of setting up shop in Austin, Texas like usual. As part of the festivities, NPR put on a Tiny Desk showcase, the first installment of which is being presented today.

The artist is Steady Holiday (aka Dre Babinski) and she kept things fun. Not only was she joined by her band (Derek Howa and Brijesh Pandya, who were set up outside while Babinski was comfortably inside next to a fire), but she was also accompanied by her dog and a printer. The printer, which had giant googly eyes affixed to the front and a human arm (probably not real) emerging from its side, acted as the master of ceremonies, spitting out sheets of paper that featured the name of the next song to be performed.

As for the songs, Steady Holiday played “Living Life,” “Tangerine,” “White Walls,” and “Love Me When I Go To Sleep,” all of which come from the 2021 album Take The Corners Gently.

Watch Steady Holiday’s Tiny Desk concert above. Babinski also gave Uproxx a tour of her closet recently, so check that out here.