Stella Donnelly’s ‘Flood’ Video Is A Funny Failed Attempt At Recreating A Classic OK Go Video

If you want to recreate OK Go’s iconic “Here It Goes Again” video from 2009, you need not one, but multiple treadmills. This is where Stella Donnelly and her friends find themselves in the new video for “Flood.” As they traipse through the neighborhood collecting treadmills for their grand experiment, the delight of the journey almost supersedes their valiant, but ultimately failed attempt to recreate the very complex treadmill dance moves at the end. “We have made a very feeble attempt at recreating the legendary OK GO video clip for ‘Here It Goes Again’ and we failed gloriously,” the affable Donnelly said in a statement.

The title track to the Melbourne indie singer-songwriter’s upcoming album (due out August 26th), it’s a very pretty song. We’ve loved both “Flood” and the previously released “Lungs,” for Donnelly’s sweet vocals that have a special sense of melody, and for her honest songwriting that captures emotions quaintly in a relatable fashion. “This song feels like a sad little adventure,” Donnelly says. “I wrote it in the dark depths of a Melbourne winter lockdown where it had been raining for consecutive weeks. Everyone around me was falling into their own version of depression at different times. It felt like a flood of trauma yet at the same time, we were given an opportunity of time to work through stuff that we’d been distracting ourselves with for so long prior to the pandemic.”

Watch the video for “Flood” above.

Flood comes out on 08/26 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.