Tame Impala Honors His Love Of Drums On The ’70s-Inspired New Single ‘It Might Be Time’

After a surprisingly quiet summer from Tame Impala, Kevin Parker recently revealed the title of his upcoming album, The Slow Rush. Now he has shared even more information about it: He announced that the album will be released on February 14, 2020, and he has also unveiled a new single, “It Might Be Time.”

Parker spoke about the song with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, saying it is very much focused on the drums while also being inspired by “’70s prog,” all of which is clear when listening to the song:

“It came from the keyboard thing. […] The way the song ended up sounding as the last thing I thought it would sound like, you know? It’s one of those ones that’s kind just a late night, ‘just see where it goes’ kind of thing, as opposed to some other songs of mine where I literally can just hear it in my head before I start recording. […] I love those kind of Supertramp melodies, kind of ’70s prog, emotional things. But I also love extremely distorted, bombastic blown out drums, you know? And I feel like I haven’t done a song in a long time where the drums are the main feature, where it just like does explosions in drum form. Well it’s my love, you know, drum sounds. Across like all music, whether it’s rock and roll or hip-hop or whatever, the drums are just the thing that I love the most.”

He also spoke about why the album wasn’t released this past summer like fans thought it would be, saying, “This album is still the album that I’ve been working on the shortest amount of time. […] But I did want to get it out for the US summer or something like that. This feels right, you know? I was telling my managers like, ‘Oh we got to get it out around Coachella.’ And I think I was kind of kidding myself. In my head, it was possible, but now this kind of feels a lot more right. Things have just fallen into place so much more creatively for me, with the music and everything. It would have been rushed if it was any earlier than this.”

Listen to “It Might Be Time” above.

The Slow Rush is out 2/14/2020 via Interscope. Pre-order it here.