The Dare Throws A Two-Minute Rager On The Punchy Single ‘Girls’

Harrison Patrick Smith has great experience under his belt, whether it’s touring with acts like Porches and Strange Ranger or putting out his own material as Turtlenecked. Now, though, he’s at the start of a new chapter with the project The Dare. He recently kicked things off with the new single “Girls,” a two-minute, in-your-face, electro-pop-rock romp cut from the same cloth as LCD Soundsystem and early Calvin Harris.

Smith says of the songs video, “Jake Lazovick (Powered by Wind) shot the video at Home Sweet Home, where I DJ weekly, in order to capture a real downtown NYC party. We invited all of our friends and told them to go crazy while I DJ’d and ran around. A lot of the people in it are fellow musicians or collaborators! And some of them are girls.”

Smith previously said of “Girls,” “Just wanted to make something like ‘F*ck The Pain Away’ by Peaches, ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’, or something off Paul’s Boutique. Whipped it up in like 30 minutes at 3am in my bedroom.”

Smith also said of The Dare more broadly, “The Dare is my foray into the worlds of electroclash, techno, and house. For a long time I kept everything I made under the umbrella of Turtlenecked, but the name didn’t fit the aesthetic of the new material and I feel like a different person from the 18 year old who formed Turtlenecked. As far as separation between indie rock / club music, I love the early 2000s so much because there was so much fluidity — the Maison Kitsune remix EPs, the DFA remixes of Le Tigre or The Rakes, Diplo remixing Bloc Party etc. There’s a feeling of optimism and openness in underground music from that time that I feel faded into genre camps again in the mid 2010s. I wanna bring that feeling back.”

Watch the “Girls” video above.