The xx ‘Can’t Wait To Share’ New Music And Are ‘Looking Forward To 2020’

The last time we heard from The xx was in 2017, when they released their third and most recent album, I See You. The good news is that it appears we could be getting something new from them soon: In a recent Instagram post, the group has teased their return.

Sharing a photo of the three of them, the band suggested that a new record could be coming in 2020. They wrote, “Looking forward to 2020! We’ve all been working on new music, can’t wait to share it with you! Hope you have the best new year! xx The xx.”

If the group ends up releasing a new album in 2020, this would be a shorter gap between albums than their last one: 2017’s I See You came out a bit over four years after their sophomore album, 2012’s Coexist.

Since I See You, the group’s members have kept busy. Aside from working on the new album, they have also collaborated with other artists. In 2018, Jamie xx and Romy Madley Croft wrote or produced songs for artists like Florence And The Machine, Mark Ronson, and Benny Blanco. Jamie xx has also continued to perform solo, like when he appeared at the Adult Swim Festival a couple months ago.