Wellness Influencers You Should Follow On Instagram To Help You Level-Up

We’re all trying to live better lives, whether it be through daily habits, meditation, fitness, or eating clean. We want to be well, to put it plainly. But, of course, it’s not as simple as having a desire – many times we need concrete tips and tools to begin to change our habits to some that are a little less garbage person and a lot more like, well, like wellness influencers.

Despite sometimes being labeled as cringe or cheesy, wellness influencers play an important role in motivating us to do and be better. Sometimes you just have to see before you can achieve, you know? And since one wellness tip none of us will likely be taking is deleting our social media, wellness influencers can be just what we need to see to tip the scales toward greatness.

Here are 10 we think you should be following right now:

@rrayyme – Remi Ishizuka

“Health + Wellness + Easy Recipes + Lifestyle”

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Remi Ishizuka is a wellness OG. The Texas-based wellness and health influencer has been sharing recipes and wellness tips on her blog, socials, and YouTube for over 5 years, and in that time has amassed an impressively dedicated following. She has made a brand out of posts that are relatable but motivating. It’s clear she is very intentional with her habits and has become someone that thousands of people rely on for wellness inspiration.

As an Institute of Integrated Nutrition Certified Health Coach, Remi and her partner Nate – a former Marine with an impressive amount of health certifications – started the HōmeBodies workout program. Through the online program, Remi and Nate provide on-demand workouts, nutrition support, and a community where wellness and health can thrive.

Outside of her program, Remi is super consistent with her wellness content on IG, Youtube, and TikTok. She posts a great mix of healthy lifestyle tips, recipes (peep her reel making yogurt popsicles), fitness, and content that honestly just motivates me to get up off the couch and do something.

Here’s where to follow Remi on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

@balancedles – Lestraundra Alfred

“Wellness Rituals + Self Care”

Lestraundra Alfred (Les) is a true multi-hyphenate. She is the founder and host of the Balanced Black Girl podcast, a personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, a writer, and the creator of the Balanced Black Girl community and online platform. She is absolutely killing the wellness game online.

When I say I could scroll through her feed for hours I am not kidding. And unlike other online scrolling, this one always leaves me feeling better than before. Les has this incredibly motivational, but also warm and accessible aesthetic that brings the audience in. Through her socials, podcast, and online community she is focused on creating this connection to wellness and mindfulness by introducing Black and brown health and wellness experts to her community.

While she is consistent in posting wellness and productivity content, she is also clear in her commitment and the importance of reset and rest.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram and TikTok. Listen to Balanced Black Girl podcast here.

@mrdduku – Daniel Duku

“Men’s Lifestyle”


Daniel Duku’s reels are always popping up on my explore feed. As a men’s lifestyle influencer, he runs the gamut between skincare, habits, mental health, and overall wellness. Last month a reel focusing on “Habits That Have Improved My Mental Health” reached 4.3 million views on Instagram, with the simple and practical advice to prioritize rest, read and journal, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Other social content that Duku consistently publishes focus on simple skincare tips, reasons to make your bed in the morning, and “Advice for Younger Men” (that applies to us all) such as finding an activity you enjoy, that it’s okay not to be okay, and to learn to ask for help.

As wellness becomes more popular (and lucrative) it’s refreshing to find content like Duku’s. He’s saying much of what we already may know to be true, but seeing someone well-dressed and aspirational do it makes it that much more motivating.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

@lizmoody — Liz Moody

“Author and Host of Healthier Together Podcast”

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A post shared by Liz Moody (@lizmoody)

When I asked a friend recently who they loved in the wellness influencer space, she immediately answered Liz Moody. “Basically, whenever I watch a reel of hers, or read a post, I feel like I’ve walked away with a tidbit I could incorporate into life pretty easily” were her exact words. And although I wasn’t familiar at the time, I now couldn’t agree more. Through her socials, website, cookbooks, and hit podcast “Healthier Together,” Moody is a go-to for quick and practical, evidence-based wellness.

As a food editor and writer, Moody has a wealth of wellness-related nutritional tips. But what I – and ostensibly 380K others on Instagram – love about her is that she doesn’t put wellness into a prescribed box. She believes in living life fully and enjoying it without some of the restrictions you might find elsewhere in this space. Her words on a recent reel summed up her healthy attitude towards wellness better than I ever could:

“Your body is the vessel through which you experience life, not the lens through which people experience you. Your body is for living, not looking. Now go out there and live.”

I can’t imagine anything healthier than that.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Listen to Healthier Together podcast here.

@chelsey.moves – Chelsey Luger

“Author → The Seven Circles: Indigenous Teachings For Living Well”

Chelsey Luger is a Lakota and Anishinaabe writer and wellness educator, who along with her husband Thosh Collins founded the Well for Culture – an Indigenous wellness initiative and podcast. She shares practical and insightful knowledge on her feed concerning wellness and workouts, along with lifestyle and education.

Luger and her husband have a soon-to-be-released book – The Seven Circles: Indigenous Teachings For Living Well – where they draw from the ancient wisdom of their ancestors for health and wellbeing.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram. Pre-order her book here.

@julesacree – Jules Acree

“Weekly vids on productivity, self-care, n’feel-good systems”

While wellness is often thought of as mostly centered around fitness and nutrition, the truth is that is only a small part of an overall wellness plan. Systems, routines, and productivity through streamlined habits have an enormous ADD on our overall wellness. That’s why I love influencers like Jules Acree.

Acree creates an incredible amount of content around systems and productivity. From decluttering, to planning for the week, to self-care habit building and even financial systems – she’s truly intentionally producing useful content. Her recent TikTok on decluttering her computer, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, motivated me to take some simple steps that I had been putting off for years.

I love thinking about wellness through a whole lifestyle approach, and Acree is the perfect follow for tips on how to do just that.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

@Kateglavan – Kate Glavan

“Wellness Cult Leader + Host of Sea Moss Girlies”

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You might recognize Kate Glavan from the West Elm Caleb viral TikTok saga earlier this year, but for those truly in the know – she is a Gen Z wellness superstar. Glavan is a native Minnesotan now living and creating in New York City. During the pandemic, she was inspired to start a podcast – Sea Moss Girlies – with friend Emma Ropke focusing on wellness and sustainability.

The podcast (and accompanying meme page) is a dive into all the wellness trends you’ve heard of and some you probably haven’t. I especially love the episodes interviewing founders and CEO’s of wellness brands, along with the more personal episodes touching on mental health.

Glavan is a great example of what wellness can look like for the younger TikTok generation. She is a HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador, and honestly just down-to-ear and fun to follow.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram and TikTok. Listen to Sea Moss Girlies podcast here.

@trapyogabae – Britteny Floyd-Mayo

“Celebrity Confidence Coach”

Brittany Floyd-Mayo – also known as Trap Yoga Bae – is committed to changing the landscape of what a Westernized wellness and yoga space often looks like. After seeing how yoga could transform lives and help people find freedom, she dedicated her life to it. But in a way that hadn’t been done before, by creating a truly inclusive and fun, high-energy movement. Thus, Trap Yoga Bae was born.

Floyd-Mayo is an inspiring person inside and out. Following her is akin to a masterclass on confidence, health, wellness, vulnerability, mental strength, and inclusivity. Her posts are a great mix of fitness, wellness, aspiration, and advice on topics like “How to Push Past Your Fears”, “Why Are Boundaries so Hard to Enforce?” and “3 Ways to Finding Your Authentic Self.” You can join the Trap Yoga Bae community or download the app – there are multiple ways to connect outside of the traditional social feeds.

Unapologetic and undeniably authentic – Floyd-Mayo/Trap Yoga Bae is a great follow for anyone who wants to be inspired.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram and TikTok.

@melissawoodhealth – Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

Melissa Wood is synonymous with wellness. Mention her name in any group of internet and wellness-savvy 20-30-something women and you’ll see what I mean. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, the yoga and pilates teacher is a force. And with good reason. Every day she is posting content that is motivational and inspirational. From snippets of her workouts to meditations, daily life, and recipe guides – she is fully that girl.

Her MWH Method Workout plan is great for those who want more content while still providing lots of free and helpful content all of the time through her socials, YouTube, TikTok, and podcast.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Listen to Move With Heart podcast here.

@michellcclark – Michell C. Clark

“Affirmations for creatives. Positivity, mental health, wellness”

You’ve undoubtedly seen Michell Clark’s social media feed, whether you realize it or not. His daily affirmations are widely loved and wildly shared online.

It’s easy to forget that true wellness is mostly in our own thoughts and that the key often is in switching those thoughts from negative to more positive. Clark has an obvious passion and skill for writing and sharing these helpful and healing affirmations, one that inspires and resonates with tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Following Clark means daily thoughts on showing up for yourself, letting go of resentments, and believing in our abilities to break toxic cycles.

Here’s where to follow on Instagram.