Here’s The Playlist ‘West Elm Caleb’ Used To Love Bomb The Women Of New York

Who is “West Elm Caleb” and what does his playlist have to do with anything? Trust me, when you find out, you’ll suddenly wish you’d never asked. Though while we’re here, let’s just say that LCD Soundsystem, Angel Olsen, and Big Thief have been implicated in a narrative that they never asked to be a part of…

This man “Caleb” is the latest “main character” in the world of TikTok, where offenses like ghosting women after giving them a sweet, seemingly individualized playlist will suddenly be ramped up into national affairs. As the women of TikTok tell it, Caleb, who presented himself as a furniture designer for the brand West Elm, would go out with women on dating apps and immediately begin “love bombing” them. That means he was showering them with attention and presenting himself as very interested in dating them — even going so far as to send them a special playlist — only to ghost a few days or weeks later. Giving no reason for his behavior, and simply leaving these women with zero explanation for his action.

Is that criminal? No, certainly not. It definitely hurts to be ghosted, but anyone is well within their rights, in the dating world, to begin or end those connections as they see fit. However, once it becomes a serialized behavior that multiple women have recognized as a pattern, well, all bets are off if they’re going to discuss it with one another. Anyway, as discussion of this Caleb hit a fever pitch on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram this week, internet sleuths scrambled to assemble the playlist that Caleb used to woo these women. Frankly? His taste in music, at least, is pretty good. Check out his picks below.