We Asked A Star Chef To Rescue You From A Horrible Thanksgiving

11.23.17 4 months ago 14 Comments

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When a professional chef says that Thanksgiving dinner is “the Olympics of cooking,” you know that sh*t is serious. But every year, millions of well-meaning amateurs try their best to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for their family and friends, following complex recipes that haven’t been attempted since the last Thanksgiving (who the hell roasts a turkey in May?), in quantities that far exceed their comfort zone and skill level.

This isn’t just unrealistic; it’s unfair, especially to the poor men and women slaving over lumpy gravy in the kitchen.

While making a perfect Thanksgiving dinner is impossible (even professional chefs recognize the insane degree of difficulty), we’ve teamed up with Jason Quinn, the head chef/owner at Playground DTSA, winner of The Great Food Truck Race, and judge on MTV’s “Snack-Off,” to help identify some of the most common ways you screw up your Thanksgiving dinner, along with some helpful hints on how to avoid these culinary disasters.

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Jason isn’t just a great chef; he’s a Thanksgiving dinner specialist. Every year, he closes down his restaurant for the day and cooks a full Thanksgiving feast for his closest family and friends (along with a few stragglers), so the man knows a thing or two about cranberry sauce and stuffing.

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