Adam Richman Shares All His Favorite Restaurants Across The U.S.

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10.18.17 2 Comments

Adam Richman thundered onto the national stage with the preposterous Travel Channel show Man V. Food — in which he traveled across America eating the most bombastic food the country has to offer. He survived his maple-syrup-soaked-deep-fried journey across the nation and is now hosting ‘Secret Eats.’ Richman no longer has to go through the harrowing experience of trying to eat gigantic servings in one sitting. Now, he’s shining a light on the hidden corners of America’s food scene.

Last week, Richman stopped by Uproxx HQ to highlight his favorite spots around America. And, who better to do this, really? The guy has spent the better part of the last decade traveling to every corner of this country and eating the food there. He knows his stuff.

The Secret Eats host sat down and performed a sort of stream of consciousness exercise where he listed off his favorite joints for burgers, slices of pizza, sandwiches, fries, doughnuts, breakfast, and dive bars. Or, you know, all the foods you really want to eat.

To entice you further we broke down each of Richman’s favorite spots into a short visual tour. And because it’s Richman, there are some seriously deep cuts around the country. If you’re not hungry now, you will be in about three page scrolls.

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