Creating Powerful Art Through Conversations With Death Row Inmates

01.30.17 2 years ago

Addam Yekutieli (AKA Know Hope) works to create discussion amongst people who wouldn’t normally be able to have an objective conversation together. By stripping down language and ideas and putting them into the public sphere, he hopes to take away our preconceived notions of people and politics and cut to the emotional core of issues.

His projects all feature a human element, and whether he’s writing to an inmate in Nashville or hand tattoing a volunteer with meaningful words, he wants to connect with people on a deep, emotional level. And he wants his art to change, evolve, and grow with every person who interacts with it.

I spoke to Addam on the phone and we discussed his various projects, including his work with death row inmates in Nashville. That project brings inmates’ words anonymously to the population at large, and allows citizens to connect emotionally with a group of the population that they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to hear from.

It’s a powerful piece of work, and one that I really looked forward to discussing with Addam at length.

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