Don’t Like Adidas Featuring A Same-Sex Couple In Its V-Day Campaign? Adidas Has A Perfect Response

The love you take is equal to the love you make.

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It’s been a great month for boycotts! While some people are absolutely refusing to return to Red Lobster to eat Cheddar Bae biscuits (that’s a fun Beyonce joke) because of Beyonce’s performance during the Super Bowl half-time show, others are threatening to never buy Adidas-brand products again. Why? Because the very wholesome sportswear company posted a very bad, no-good, awful photo insinuating that two women who may be in love with each other might also enjoy wearing Adidas products while being openly gay, bi, or under any other spoke of the human sexuality umbrella.

Check out what the company posted when angry protesters came to their Instagram page to spin their wheels about the fact that gay and lesbian relationships are valid even on Valentine’s Day, which is meant for only “boy and girl” and “not lesbians.”

Nice! But the battle rages on! If you’re willing to risk a possible aneurysm, head on over to Adidas’ Instagram where people are currently comparing gay and lesbian relationships to any number of other unsavory things. But you know, progress marches on, the LGBT population is working ever-harder to be accepted by the mainstream (I did my part by getting married in Kentucky), and as one user points out, the biggest crime here is that two partners bought the same shoes. They’re right: Tacky.

This isn’t the first time Adidas has made headlines this month: Last week, they announced they wouldn’t drop athletes from endorsement deals if they came out as gay. You’ll be fine, Adidas! Just look at Target!