The Cheapest And Most Expensive Airbnbs In 11 Of Our Favorite Cities 

03.12.16 3 years ago


If you’re a traveler on a budget with no qualms about crashing on a couch, Airbnb is great. It’s also great if you live a life of luxury and can afford to spend $10,000 renting out yachts and mansion retreats for days at a time.

We wanted to see just how low–and just how high–rooms in some of our favorite cities around the world rented for. As it happens, the answer is: pretty damn low, and pretty damn high.

In most cities, you can find a couch, or even a bed in a hostel-like environment, for $10 or less. Prices can also get pretty steep for one-night stays, although that observation does come with a caveat: putting aside the fact that some users seem to be confused about the placement of the decimal point and offer up single rooms for several thousands of dollars per night, a lot of the most expensive crashpads are actually full houses that accommodate hordes of people. Split the cost of that Miami estate between 16+ people, for example, and you don’t have such a terrifyingly expensive vacation.

Check out what we found below:

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