This Booze-Infused Iced Coffee Might Just Be The Best Idea Of Summer


Once, when I was on summer vacation, I got up, walked into the kitchen where all my friends were cooking breakfast, popped open a Bud Light and chugged the whole can before rolling right back into bed. To this day, it’s something my friends still remember, because no matter how deep you are into your vacation, it’s still not socially acceptable to start drinking beer as soon as you wake up. Do it more than once and someone will lovingly place their hand on your shoulder, give you an earnest look, and say “Hey, I know it’s been a real rough time, but this isn’t the way.”

Chances are, you’ve had your own longings for an AM drink. Have a margarita or a mimosa during brunch, and everyone’s chill. Enjoy a nice bracing shot of vodka at 8am because you ain’t got sh*t to do except lay by the pool and burn to a crisp? That’s somehow a problem. Fortunately, there’s a really great solution: Alcoholic coffee. (Yeah, we know you could just do it yourself, but why waste time mixing when you’re on vacation?)


RumChata just launched the first and only premium ready-to-drink alcoholic iced coffee, FrappaChata. The product consists of RumChata’s award-winning cream liqueur combined with a custom blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees. With its sweet, smooth taste, the boozy brew is delicious blended with ice or straight. It’s even versatile enough to be an excellent mixer.

Right now, the RumChata is on sale in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota (but it’s coming for the coasts soon) and it sounds pretty chill. A 100ml bottle will run you about $2 for a combo of coffee and 25-proof booze. If you want to go higher, you can get a bottle that packs in 1.75 liters for $20, but then you’ll probably have to share with whoever else is up early enough to claim the one unicorn raft that you could have totally gotten two of if you’d just planned things a little better because they’re not that expensive, you know? On second thought, maybe you should just drink it all yourself.