How One Traveler Turned Adventure Into A Career, Without A Trust Fund

06.26.17 11 months ago 10 Comments

Alexandra Baackes

There’s this sense that many of us have right after graduating college: The fun is over. It’s time to get a job, start a 401K, and relegate our travel to what can fit into two weeks of vacation time each year. “Endless travel sounds magical,” we think. But it seems out of reach. We have school debt, responsibilities, and the sweltering expectations of our parents to grind away at. We can’t just venture into the unknown without a trust fund or a safety net!

Unless you’re a person like Alexandra Baackes. In that case, you graduated college and thought, “Fuck it. I want to travel the world, and I’m not going to let anything stand in my way.” Literally a week after Baackes left school, she got on a plane, crossed the world, and started a different kind of life. That was six years ago, and she hasn’t stopped moving yet.

One thing Alex tries to stress is that she didn’t grow up traveling all over the world, and she wasn’t born wealthy. She’s just a person who went to Thailand one summer in college, and realized that there isn’t just one way to live your life. You don’t need to pick one spot to live and stick there. You could live anywhere and everywhere. And, on top of that realization, you can make a career doing so. Alex started a blog, “Alex in Wanderland,” to document her travels, and before long, it became her business. Now, writing about travel and experiences is how she makes her living. It’s a great story and one worth aspiring to.

I was able to talk to Alex recently about what it’s like to be a fulltime world traveler, and her tips on where to go, what to do around the world, and how you too, can live the travel lifestyle you crave.

Alexandra Baackes

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