Amazon Prime Now Has One-Hour Booze Delivery For New Yorkers, Just In Time For Winter Hibernation

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Winter is coming/here, and that means that people are even more hesitant to leave their residences unnecessarily. Even the siren call of the latest and greatest bars can be ignored in favor of staying home with Netflix. No one really wants to trudge through the snow for an overpriced cocktail anyway. The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived: Amazon Prime now offers one hour alcohol delivery for residents of Manhattan. Sure, you won’t get to flirt with a cute bartender while they whip you up an old fashioned, but you can stay in your pajamas even more now. Any Amazon Prime user can pay $7.99 for the hour-long service (still cheaper than an Uber), or you can wait two hours for free delivery.

This service was previously only available in Seattle, the birthplace of the company. While Amazon is as of yet playing coy about whether or not they will expand to other cities, one can only imagine that it would be a lucrative move for them. However, some states’ Draconian liquor laws alone (looking at you, Pennsylvania) would cause some logistical headaches. Bar owners everywhere other than New York are probably breathing a sigh of relief that Amazon hasn’t come for them. Yet.

(Via CBS New York)

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