Get Ready For A New Food Obsession, The Inventor Of The Cronut Has Gone M.C. Escher On Us

Dominique Ansel set the baking world one fire when he loosed the cronut on the world — phenomenon of hybrid foods has touched every corner of the world. In the flaky, frosting covered invention, Ansel created the perfect intersection of innovation and deliciousness… and it was just out of reach for the novice home baker. Translation: the sold like crazy.

Since those early days of his fame, Ansel has been expanding his baking empire around the globe while continually transforming good things into insanely good things — exhibit a: his fire roasted stuffed marshmallows.

Ansel’s newest innovation is a 3D interlocking churro — the Churroduo. The churroduo has a yin and yang quality. The light half is made with white sesame and cinnamon sugar and the darker half is made with black sesame and black sugar. It’s served with a caramel dipping sauce because if you’re going to go into a sugar induced coma, this is the way to do it.

The pastry is Instagram ready for your feeds — in fact, it’s hard not to wonder how much social media influenced the design. For now, you’ll have to head to Dominique Ansel’s Tokyo Bakery to get it, but Ansel has said he’s “pretty tempted to bring it to NY and London.”

For now, let’s all look and be flooded with jealousy.

(Via Instagram)