Anthony Bourdain: Airplane Food And Room Service Are Crimes

The always delightful Anthony Bourdain is back to give entertaining opinions on various aspects of food and travel. Sometimes he touches on serious topics like racism in the food industry, and sometimes he just wants to hold court over how much room service and airplane food suck. Truly a man of multitudes.

In an interview with Bon Appetit, Bourdain waxes rhapsodic about a bowl of spicy noodles and a good pastrami sandwich from a New York deli, but draws the line hardcore at plane food:

Never. No one has ever felt better after eating plane food. I think people only eat it because they’re bored. I don’t eat on planes. I like to arrive hungry.

He has even stronger feelings about room service:

No. For breakfast, maybe. I don’t really eat breakfast, but having coffee and some croissants in the room is always nice. But if you really want to send yourself into a tragic spiral of depression, call down for a room service hamburger when you’re alone in your room. You will inevitably be disappointed and more than likely sent into a manic-depressive state for days.

Ha? No matter how strong his delivery is, who wants to travel just to overpay for crappy airline food, and eat in their hotel? Bourdain does give some solid tips for finding the best food while traveling the world: look for the restaurants with the long lines, tons of locals, and no signs in English to get your fix.

(via Bon Appetit)