A Visual Tour Of All The Food Bourdain Ate On This Week’s ‘Parts Unknown’ Premiere

10.02.17 9 months ago


Welcome back to Uproxx Life’s coverage of Anthony Bourdain’s: Parts Unknown — where we take you on a visual tour of the stunning experiences that the Jiu Jitsu chef encounters each week. Let this serve as a guide in case you ever find yourself in one of these same far-flung locales.

Last season’s Parts Unknown wrapped up with Anthony Bourdain exploring the beauty of Portugal’s food and drink scene. It was free-wheeling, port-soaked food adventure through one of the best gourmand hot spots on earth. There was plenty of melted cheese and red wine food porn to sate our senses — a great way to wrap season nine.

Season ten picks up with Bourdain on the other side of the world in Singapore — a city that’s quite possibly the food porn capital of the planet. Or, as Bourdain puts it, “It’s almost too easy. Colorful, delicious food is everywhere.” A trip to Singapore is a wonder for the senses and your appetite. You’ll find the best of pan-Chinese, Malay-Indonesian, pan-Indian, and western foods right on the street — almost all of it executed perfectly and deliciously.

“But… why? How did this happen? And who are these people?” Bourdain ponders in the episode. “I couldn’t help asking these questions, along with a semi-playful exploration of what it costs — in terms of personal freedoms, freedom of speech, independence from government scrutiny and oversight — to be ensured a life of relative security, prosperity, and easy access to unlimited choices of truly extraordinary and diverse food.” It’s a question for the ages.

With Bourdain as our guide, we see Singapore as a place where multiculturalism is a celebrated and a pacifying factor, not a fractious one. The city’s food shines brightly as the byproduct of that multi-cultural life.

SuperTree by IndoChine

Singapore has been leading the urban greening movement by building forests into skyscrapers. The SuperTree by Indochine is the most striking example. High atop the ‘tree’ you can dine on an expansive “Indochinese, Western, and Fusion” menu or hit the rooftop for masterfully crafted drinks.

Bourdain dropped in to sample the drinks and talk with Michael Ma, the head of Indochine, about the future of Singapore. There are few places on the planet where you’ll find a bar on top of massive urban tree over-looking an entire city.

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