Anthony Bourdain Continues To Be The Coolest MMA Fan For Potentially Featuring The Diaz Brothers On ‘Parts Unknown’

The following article is read as if it’s an Anthony Bourdain voiceover.

Stockton, California. Called one of America’s most miserable cities, the “209” as it is known was hit hard by the housing collapse of 2008. Now, the northern California city ranks in the top ten in the country for violent crime and unemployment. Despite all of the reasons to avoid this little corner of the planet, it’s become a mecca of combat sports as two unlikely anti-heroes have brought a sense of unwavering pride to their crumbling home. These men are the Diaz brothers.

Nick Aand Nate Diaz have been kicking ass and taking names in the UFC for the better part of this millennia. Nate has recently found fame as UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor’s ultimate rival, while Nick has been a UFC welterweight title challenger and Strikeforce champion. These two have black belts in jiu jitsu, as well as finding some great, vegan grub. As Nate said, “I’m not surprised, motherf*cker.” Now I’m along for the ride.

End Bourdain voiceover.

Alright, so Bourdain got Nate’s quote a little wrong after showing off his 209 dinner, and this is in LA, not Stockton. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good V/O. Now let’s talk about that “fog.” The Diazes don’t typically drink too much. They tend to gain a fog in a different way. Just look Nick, Nate and Gilbert’s eyes. What was going on here beyond Bourdain once again proving he’s the best MMA fan in the world?

Let’s remember that just a few years ago, Bourdain had no clue what MMA was. Then his BJJ-loving wife got him on the mats, and now he’s doing voiceovers for the UFC left and right. Now he’s making video segments with the Diaz bros? C’mon.

If this get-together was for Parts Unknown, it’ll be the most badass meal ever put on television.