The Internet Can’t Stop Lampooning Apple’s iPhone 7 And Air Bud– Er, ‘AirPods’

Entertainment Editor

Yesterday Apple revealed details about the iPhone 7 and its lack of a headphone jack which calls for their new wireless earbuds (AirPods) which cost $160. You can take a wild guess how well people reacted to the news on Twitter.

Today we’re rounding up even more funny reactions to the news, including the parody ad above by Jack Douglass of jacksfilms (via Blame It On The Voices). It got much meaner than I was expecting at the end, but everything else before that made me laugh. Douglass wasn’t the only one poking fun at Apple for removing the headphone jack and then saying it took “courage” (the exact word Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller used, which I’m assuming is a euphemism for “a blithe unawareness of how people outside the Silicon Valley bubble are living”).

Some commenters were quick to point out there’s absolutely no way they will ever be able to find their AirPods later:

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