An Australian Woman Filmed This Terrifying 16-Foot-Long Python That Invaded Her Home

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, EVERYBODY, JUST A FRIGGING 16-FOOT LONG PYTHON IN SOME LADY’S HOUSE. Earlier this week Trina Hibberd of Queensland, Australia, posted this video to Facebook of a 5 meter, 40 kilogram (16.4 foot, 88 pound) monster of a dang python she affectionately named “Monty,” hanging out in her home. As one does in Australia! (Language somewhat NSFW)

Hibberd and a friend staying over were woken up in the middle of the night on Monday by the beast of a snake, which by then had stretched itself from room to room of her home. At the terrifying discovery, she later justifiably recalled to Australia’s ABC News, “All hell broke loose.”

Even crazier, this wasn’t the first time Hibberd encountered Monty, whom she estimates has been living in the walls of her home for over a decade.

Ms. Hibberd said she first saw it 15 years ago, when it poked its head into the bathroom when she was having a shower.

“We knew the snake was there but I had never seen it inside, not that I know of,” she said. “I’ve never seen it in its full length.”

Hibberd called a snake-removal service — which is apparently not at all uncommon in Australia — and snake catcher Dave Goodwin, who came to remove Monty, recalled that it was the second biggest snake he had seen in his career. The story has a happy ending though, because Monty was taken and released to a local water-treatment plant infested with rats. So, as Hibberd later updated on Facebook, he’ll “live out the rest of his life with a full tummy and a warm bed” — just thankfully not hers.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this: