Ben & Jerry’s Might Introduce A Bernie Sanders-Inspired Flavor During His Presidential Run

As they’ve done just once in the past with their “Yes Pecan!” PrObama flavor, it seems as though Ben & Jerry’s might be debuting a (hopeful) presidentially themed Bernie Sanders offering into your local supermarket’s ice cream section. Ben Cohen, company co-founder, has thought up a “Bernie’s Yearning” offering, which would feature a “big disk of chocolate on top, covering the entire top and below it is just plain mint ice cream. The disc of chocolate represents 90 percent of the wealth that’s gone to the top 10 percent over the last 10 years.”

Plain mint ice cream doesn’t sound too exciting, but that’s because you’re not supposed to simply eat the chocolate mound on top – instead, Cohen suggests that “You take your spoon and you whack that big chocolate disc into little pieces and mix it around,” meant to symbolize a more equally distributed U.S. economy, one where everyone gets their share.

Both Ben & Jerry’s and the U.S. senator & presidential hopeful are based in Vermont, and so that, paired with the Bernie sign as he stood outside of a Donald Trump rally, must mean that Cohen has been a fan of the way Sanders has operated since joining the Senate back in 2006.

(Via NY Daily News)