This Bento Watch Is The Only Tiny Snack Device You’ll Ever Need (Or Want)

Tired of running through the blustery streets of your city while cramming a handful of french fries into your mouth? Afraid that pigeons might come after you as you slyly try to walk while eating a sandwhich? (They will, it won’t be pretty.) Need a new and exciting way to snack that doesn’t just scream “form,” but also “function,” and thirdly “I am really committed to tiny food right now so I am better than you in every way?” You need the Bento Watch, a timepiece (lol, what’s that?) that hides a variety of goodies inside just perfect for that on-the-go snack as you careen from meeting to meeting with less than a five minute break in between.

Created by Takii Seed as a promotional product (meaning, of course, that you won’t be able to buy this at your local store tomorrow), the watch is a masterpiece of miniature snackology. Not only is it designed by a master watchmaker, but Kotaku reports that the vegetables in the video are cut by a plastic surgeon, cooked by “a famous chef,” and then put together by someone whose diorama skills are way more intense than even your most annoying third-grade classmate (you know, the one whose parents totally made their projects and everyone knew it?). The result? Something beautifully impractical and yet a “waaaaant” for anyone who sees the video above.

No word on how much sustenance such a tiny snack would provide, but we’d wager that the jealous stares of everyone watching you slurp an entire meal from a timepiece on your wrist must have some kind of nutritional value.

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