This Bernie Sanders-Themed Hot Sauce Will Have You Truly Feeling The Bern

Hillary Clinton might still lead with the number of state primaries that she has won, but people are still feeling the Bern, and can literally do so with a Bernie Sanders themed hot sauce.

A Brooklyn based hot sauce brand called Tango Chile Sauce is putting out a batch with a limited edition Sanders label. The ingredients are carrots, garlic, limes, chile peppers, sawtooth cilantro, apple cider vinegar and salt, and a bottle cost $10. Also, free shipping!

According to Food Republic, the company is donating $1 from every bottle they sell to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Sounds very grassroots, just the way Bernie would like it. And as we already know, Sanders specializes in raising large amounts of money from people who can give small amounts like $10 or $20. He was able to raise $5.2 million after winning the New Hampshire primary in this way.

However, the “Feel The Bern” hot sauce would probably not go well on a Bernie Sandwich, at least if such a sandwich really does just consist of Sanders’ head in between two slices of bread. Somebody needs to make up an actual sandwich, name it after Sanders, and pair it with this hot sauce.

(via Tango Chile Sauce and Food Republic)