These 4/20 Food Deals Make Giving In To The Munchies Easier Than Ever


Some people say that Weed Day falls on April 20th, or 4/20, because 420 is the police code for “marijuana smoking in progress,” but people in the know dispute that, saying it is just as dubious as associating the holiday with Hitler’s birthday. Credible sources point instead to a group of dudes in Marin County, CA. In 1971, the high schoolers, known as the Waldos, met up to smoke at 4:20 pm, after extracurricular activities were over for the day. And their code for getting high was 420, which was popularized more widely when one of The Waldos went to work with The Grateful Dead.

After a group of Deadheads handed out flyers encouraging people to toke up at 4:20 pm on 4/20, the term ended up in front of High Times editor Steve Bloom, who began using it in the mag. Now, it’s an accepted term.

If you’re looking to go full Waldo and ring in the holiday with a good old-fashioned smoke out, you are probably going to end up in dire need of some food to calm your munchies. And, there’s no reason for you to spend a ton of money grubbing. The following deals should help you satisfy your gnawing hunger — because baked and thrifty is our favorite look.

Ben & Jerry’s

For a limited time, the Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-ito (two scoops of ice cream and toppings wrapped in a soft waffle wrap) is back at scoop shops. Customers can buy two and get one free today.

Blaze Pizza

Use the chain’s app and take advantage of a reward for a free high-rise crust upgrade between now and April 27.

Burger King

To celebrate 4/20, Burger King is offering its spicy nuggets today for a limited time. Grab a 10-pack for only $1.69 at participating locations.

Cheesecake Factory

DoorDash is offering free delivery all day, and you don’t need a promo code. Plus, when you order, you get entered in a chance to win a year of free food from The Cheesecake Factory delivered through DoorDash.

Condado Tacos

Customers at this Midwest taco chain will enjoy a BOGO deal on double-decker tacos as well as a “wake and bake” brunch item for Weed Day.

Dos Toros Tacos

If you’re interested in free guacamole and a surprise gift with purchase from this New York/Chicago taqueria, keep an eye on their Instagram April 20 at 10 am for a secret code.


Residents of California, Washington, and Nevada can get free delivery from UberEATS between Friday and Sunday from any Fatburger store. Just use the delivery code Fatburger420.

Freebirds World Burrito

Every customer who buys a Monster Burrito from this chain with 70 locations nationwide on 4/20 will also receive one free marijuana-free “pot” brownie.

Ginger Monkey

This tavern located in Chandler, Arizona is featuring a special “420 Pot Pie” for April 20. It is made with smoked turkey, vegetables, and a scratch crust, and it comes with a bunch of munchies (like chips, gummi bears, and a cookie) on the side.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

The company’s 20+ locations are offering a “High Roller” burger featuring a taco-seasoned beef patty topped with pepperoni and mozzarella, Flamin’ Hot Cheeto ketchup and cool ranch fries. The whole thing is sandwiched between two hemp seed buns and served with a spoonful of cookie dough.


To celebrate the release of Super Troopers 2, the Atlanta-based chain is releasing Snozzberry Sauce today. DoorDash customers who purchase any style of wings with the special sauce or an order of smoked wings will get free delivery.


It’s not all food-related deals for 4/20. Lyft teams up with the movie Super Troopers 2 to offer discounts of up to $4.20 when you enter the code LYFTTROOPERS in the promos section of the app in selected markets. Check their website to see if your city is included.

Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar

April 20 is also National Cheddar Cheese Fries Day, and customers who go Snuffer’s today will receive a coupon for free cheddar fries on their next visit, according to the chain’s Facebook page. For a chance to win free cheddar fries for a whole year, kick it to between now and April 30.

Strange Donuts

People in the St. Louis area, can celebrate 4/20 in one of these local doughnut shops by picking up one of their specialty “Strangers” doughnuts in flavors like Pop Rocks, Chocolate Potato Chip, Grape Skunk, Super Blue Blood Moon, Stoner Surprise, and Cookie Butter.

Toppers Pizza

This Wisconsin-based pizza chain has declared today Worldwide Topperstix Day (coincidence?) and customers can get 50 percent off triple orders of Original Topperstix or upgrade to any ‘Stix for one dollar more.

Wing Zone

For ten bucks, you can score 10 boneless wings with a side of ranch dressing and an order of Mac N Cheese Bites from this wing chain. If you order online, enter the code 2116 to score the deal.