This Is Your Summer To See The Best Art Museums In The World

05.04.17 2 years ago

We’ve all seen photos of famous pieces of art. But looking at a picture can never compare to what it’s like to see a masterpiece in person. There’s something magical about being able to inspect Picasso’s actual brush strokes or standing beneath the chiseled piece of marble that was sculpted into the Venus de Milo over 2000 years ago.

Which is why art museums are such an important part of culture. They preserve the most beautiful, controversial, and innovative pieces of art for future generations. Better still, they give the public access to these bursts of genius.

Museums being open for consumption by the masses is a relatively modern concept (the first “opening” was only a few hundred years ago) so we’re lucky to have so many present-day opportunities to see art. That being said, it can be overwhelming to figure out which museums to visit. There are hundreds of “can’t miss” spots featuring incredible pieces, in every country in the world. But if you’re making a bucket list, these are the 10 best art museums in the world that you absolutely have to see before you die.

Naturally, this list is going to miss some of the very, very greats. So let us know in the comments what your “ten must sees” would be and we’ll hang our heads in shame for missing them.

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