The Best Weed-Related Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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People love podcasts. Despite the wealth of media available, the dominance of streaming services like Netflix, and the perennial appeal of books, folks just love to pop on headphones and fall into episodes of their favorite programs. And cannabis — that oft-debated, nap-inducing, mind-expanding herb — crushes it in the on-demand audio space. Given the growing industry and the large number of (often surprising) converts, it’s no surprise that new shows pop up regularly.

Over the past few years, pot pods have appeared en masse on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and other podcasting platforms, but their quality varies widely. If you’re a cannabis consumer, you know going in that you have some level of interest in the topic and you don’t want to waste hours surfing through half-baked programs looking to be engaged. To that end, we crafted a list of the ten best weed podcasts streaming right now.

Our focus was on programs with high entertainment and information levels. Some lean a bit more educational and some go the other direction, but none of them are pedantic or dry. Every host on this list is someone with whom you’ll want to get stoned and chat. So, listening to an episode is like a power hang with a bud. A really smart bud who wants to talk cannabis for an hour.

If you love one that we missed, hit us in the comments.

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