The Best Cannabis Strains For Epic End Of Summer Hikes


With summer coming to a close, it’s time to get in as much outdoor fun as possible before winter winds start slicing through your clothes like icy knives. And when it comes to cheap fun in the outdoors, nothing beats hiking. Wandering trails excites that part of your brain that longs to explore, that lives to see what’s around the next bend. Some people choose to enhance that sensation with a cold beer at the trail’s end and others do it with cannabis. There’s nothing like sitting with your legs dangling over the edge of a peak while you look out at a vast horizon after a long, stony hike.

If that’s your vibe, choosing the right strain is critical to making the most of high times in nature. What follows are ten strains that will enhance any hiking trip. Our focus here is on picking weed that gives you a decent head high but won’t leave you desperate for a nap or unable to pull your thoughts together. The strains need to provide you with a lot of energy and the focus necessary to trek through nature safely. These picks totally fit that mandate.

Blue Dream

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a legendary West Coast strain because of the calm euphoria it produces. Smoke or vape a little and experience wicked full-body relaxation coupled with a mental jumpstart that leaves most users happy and motivated to tackle something, especially if they are creative types. This is one of the best strains to use before spending the day snapping pictures of beautiful landscapes or drafting a sonnet about Mother Nature.

Even better news: Blue Dream is great for pain relief, so keep using it post-hike to ease sore muscles. However, mind that you don’t get too high, as you can push yourself past mild relaxation into the sleepy zone pretty easily with this one.


Though the strain’s origins and genetics remain a mystery, Chemdawg is the original source for some pretty popular strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Users like this strain because it is heavy on the happy, decreasing both depression and anxiety. For people who want to hike, but can’t muster the drive to actually do it, this is a great strain that truly enhances productivity. There are a few things to keep in mind when using Chemdawg in the wild. Firstly, this can be a very potent strain, so newbies might want to build up a tolerance before tackling it. And second, it can cause dry mouth — be sure to bring sufficient water.

Sour Diesel

Some people refer to this strain as the coffee of cannabis because it is an invigorating sativa-dominant ride that delivers both energy and some dreamy cerebral effects. Plus, like its Chemdawg ancestors, it also alleviates depression and anxiety in a big way and a rather long lasting one. This is likely due to the fact that it has a potent THC content that is demonstrably larger than most other sativas. It’s a popular wake and bake choice for all of these reasons. These same qualities also make it great for blissing out on the trail and getting your creativity flowing.

FYI, this is another strain that may give you some serious cottonmouth, so plan accordingly.

Cheese Quake

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which probably seems counter-intuitive because hiking is active and Indicas leave people snoozing. But this strain is immensely popular with imaginative and artistic people because it helps them find inspiration and motivates them to create. Those traits also make it awesome for enabling you to face obstacles and overcome them on the trail. You will be trekking along with a fairly clear head and a relaxed, active body. Nothing will stand in your way. It’s generally a pure happy high that leaves you wanting to dance, and that positivity makes hiking more enjoyable.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck
This powerful sativa-dominant strain is ridiculously popular because of its intensely euphoric high, a high we might add that hits you immediately. If you opt to use a little ATF on your hike, it might be good if you have a buddy or two with you because you are going to want to talk. Your mind will begin spawning ideas like a naked mole rat (trust us, they have a lot of babies) and you will be so very, very proud of every single one of them.

Plus the euphoria tends to be energetically motivational, meaning you can hike for hours or do some swimming. You won’t get tired and you will come down nice and easy a few hours after you stop using.

Willie Nelson

People who stan hard for this strain love the clear-headed high that encourages them in artistic and social endeavors. Willie Nelson (the strain) achieves the ideal balance of stony body and fog-free brain that takes outdoorsy recreation to the next level. Unlike a lot of the other strains on this list, this one sharpens your focus, so you can go hard while appreciating the minutiae of nature. Take frequent breaks to do some foraging, watch birds, or take photographs. There is also the added bonus of reduced pain which is instant and lasts, making it an ideal strain for both the start of a hike and the end of one.

Sour Tangie

This 80 percent Sativa cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie makes the most of its parentage, offering the euphoria and strong aroma of the Sour Diesel with the energizing buzz and citrus notes of the Tangie. This strain drives users and slaps a smile on their faces, so consider it the thing that is going to take the pleasures of a hike and exaggerate them. All along the trail, you will find yourself spontaneously saying, “I am having the most fun. I am so glad I went hiking.” And, without any added brain fog, you won’t get bogged down or have trouble processing all that happiness.

It’s also worth noting that this strain tastes amazing.

Cinderella 99
Cindy will kick your ass if you aren’t careful, so be warned. Although it’s a great strain for all kinds of outdoor pursuits, too much will leave you sitting in the car while everyone else wanders in nature. However, if used in moderation, you will enjoy an upbeat intoxication that is hard to beat. Expect your heart to race a little as a zippy high sets in. It’s an active strain for sure, as motivation to do things increases substantially, as does the energy to do them. Plus, it comes with a lot of focus, so you can channel the energy into those aspects of the hike that interest you. And, given how high you will be, a lot of random stuff will interest you.

Orange Crush
Another super yummy option, Orange Crush is a Sativa-dominant strain that has it parents, Blueberry and California Orange, to thank for its sugary citrus flavor and its intense euphoric effects. When you use Orange Crush, you get a general sense of wellbeing and your surroundings become engrossing and magical. As it is considered a bit of a social strain, you will also want to connect with your friends because they will be at the peak of their allure. You may believe that your friends have never been more interesting while using this strain. The high is pretty mild, too — so it’s good for newbies and people not looking to get seriously baked.


If you look at cannabis more as a part of overall health care and less as a recreational intoxicant, Harlequin is perfect for helping people who might otherwise not be able to hike because of pain. It is a 75/25 Sativa-dominant strain that also reliably expresses CBD. This means you get the alert high of a Sativa with a huge reduction in pain and anxiety. You won’t get majorly stoned from Harlequin, but you will feel happy and be uplifted. If you have chronic pain, this may be the strain that gets you back on the trail, as pain, depression, inflammation, and fatigue are all decreased by its use.