The Flower Jars, Vapes, And Edibles You Need To Pick Up For A Lit 4/20

We’re coming up on 4/20. And look, regardless of whether you plan on partaking in the great stoner holiday or not, if you smoke weed recreationally and anyone knows this about you, they’re going to assume you’re psyched to roll up (or vape, or eat). So you might as well just give in.

Sure, people don’t make as big a deal of 4/20 as say, a decade ago. But the date is still shorthand for getting high — which makes it worth celebrating in our book!

To help you to have a truly lit 4/20, we’re shouting out some of our favorite flower jars, vapes, and edibles. For the most part, I’ve stuck to mid to top-shelf brands — so if you’re looking for a deal, this list probably won’t help you there. But if you’re looking to get really baked with some quality herb, we’ve got you.


Cannabiotix — Whiteout


Why We Love It:

A hybrid strain out of premium cannabis brand CBX, Whiteout is a cross between the brand’s Casino Kush and Cereal Milk strains, resulting in a strong euphoric high that will chill you out.

Flavorwise, you’re looking at a mix of sweet and creamy tones with a bit of earthy herbal, and peppery tones. It’s well-balanced and gives off a subtle kush-y aroma that doesn’t dip into being too skunky or pungent. All the senses will be pleased here!

The dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, which should provide a relaxing, euphoric, and relaxing high. Having said that, don’t overdo it here, this strain is about 30%-34% THC so if you aren’t a seasoned smoker, a single hit of this stuff will take you far.

The Bottom Line:

Frosty buds with wirey orange hairs and a pleasant flavor that leans sweet with some light herbaceousness. It tastes as good as it looks and it’ll get you incredibly high, even if you’re a daily toker.

Find CBX here.

Connected — Cherry Fade


Why We Love It:

If you’re a sucker for purple-flecked buds (we don’t blame you), you’re going to love Connected Cannabis’ Cherry Fade. There is an equal mix of purple in this strain as there is green, and together with its orange wirey hairs and frosty appearance, it’s just a beautiful strain to look at.

Cherry Fade is a hybrid blend of Red Pop and Apples & Banana #20 and features a dry spicy and earthy flavor profile that is straight-up cough-inducing, but in the best way. The high hits fast here, beginning first at the brow and vibrating outwards to the rest of your body. I found this strain to be incredibly relaxing, without putting you into that couch-lock-level laziness.

The Bottom Line:

A peppery and spicy hybrid strain that provides a powerful body high.

Find Connected Cannabis here.


Alien Labs — Zkittlez

Why We Love It:

I’m a hardcore Zkittlez fan, the indica-dominant hybrid strain is beloved for its sweet almost fruity flavor and the body-buzzing euphoric high it provides. Alien Labs’ one gram vape battery and cart takes the brand’s indoor-grown flower and filters it down to a live-resin product that retains a lot of the sweet notes of the flower without any of the pungent smell.

It’s also just easier to vape on the go than roll a joint, light it, rather than deal with all the trash afterward, making this a great option if you’re going to be spending your 4/20 on the go. Typically, I’m a flower guy, but I’ve never been disappointed by Alien Labs’ vapes. But be warned, the onset of your high comes on strong, so play it safe, take a hit or two and see how you feel before going hard.

The Bottom Line:

A clean 100% live resin vape that is easily rechargeable and provides most of the magic that a strain this legendary promises.

Find Alien Labs here.

Raw Garden — Bali Sunset (Refined Live Resin Diamonds)

Raw Garden

Why We Love It:

Raw Garden’s Live Resin Diamonds aren’t as all-inclusive as the Alien Labs vapes, you’re going to need your own oil-based vaporizer to enjoy this product, but I love the clean flavor and potent high you get from these tiny live resin rocks.

Bali Sunset is a cross between Grape Pie, Dosi Punch, and Lemon Juice Jones, providing a sweet tropical fruit vibe that imparts a strong and relaxing high. Bali Sunset tends to put me in a snack-y mood, making this a great option if you’re about to enjoy some good food. But, pro-tip: make those eating arrangements before you get high, because this strain might make you too lazy to move.

As such, it’s great for chilling out and relaxing, not really a strain to utilize if you have a packed itinerary ahead of you.

The Bottom Line:

Potent, flavorful, and relaxing. But you’re going to need your own oil-vape to enjoy this, so keep that in mind if you don’t have the gear.

Find Raw Garden here.


710 Labs — Hash Rosin Gummies

Dane Rivera

Why We Love It:

The first thing you should know about 710 Labs’ Hash Rosin Gummies is that they aren’t sweet. This isn’t a product that is trying to mimic the flavors of candy, which personally, is something I look for when I’m consuming edibles. So if you like your edibles to taste like a snack, this isn’t the product for you as it tastes plant-y, like cannabis, with just a tiny hint of cane sugar to make it a bit more palpable.

Flavor aside, what you get here is a full-spectrum gummy (made from the rosin used in the brand’s dabs) with 10mg of THC per candy. The high I experienced took about 1 hour to hit me on an empty stomach and provided a strong and intense body buzz that lasted for a few hours. While my tolerance is quite high, a single 10mg gummy was enough for me to feel the high considerably. Something to keep in mind if you feel the urge to pop a second gummy before waiting a full hour.

The Bottom Line:

A natural-tasting gummy that provides a powerful body high.

Find 710 Labs Hash Rosin Gummies here.

Highatus — L’Orange Sour Gummies


Why We Love It:

Highatus is a fairly new edible brand made by the same people behind Cannabiotix, so you know this stuff is going to deliver. Unlike the 710 Labs Hash Rosin Gummies, there is a lot more flavor here. While I wouldn’t say this provides the same sort of sweetness as a sour gummi bear, it does taste a bit more like candy with a bitter plant-y flavor that only appears once you’ve finished chewing the gummy.

For 4/20, I highly suggest L’Orange, a 10mg gummy with a mix of lemon and orange flavors and terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene terpenes which provide a giggle-inducing energetic high that is perfect for kicking off your 4/20. The high here is highly euphoric, but don’t expect a strong body response, the high here is mostly cerebral.

The Bottom Line:

An edible that leans on the sweeter side with an energetic feel-good cerebral high.

Find Highatus Gummies here.