The Best 4/20 Food Deals To Satisfy Your Munchies

No 4/20 weekend (that’s right we’re going to go ahead and extend it to the full weekend) is complete without two things: great weed, and delicious food. The two go hand in hand, you take a drag — bong hit, edible, dab, however you partake — enjoy the ride and eventually you’re hit with the munchies. And as with sex, deep and relaxing sleep, or travel, food is way better when you’re high.

Being lit allows you to hyper-focus on those nuanced flavor details, it allows you to get lost in the sensations of taste — I say this as a person who has been super high, eaten a strawberry, and then gone the f*ck off on a tangent about how wild it must’ve been to be the first person to ever eat a fruit. Yes, I’m aware that fully sober that sounds moronic, but when you’re high, it’s something you can get stuck on for at least 30 minutes of your one life on earth.

Try it for yourself this 4/20, only instead of a strawberry, eat a burger, or a taco, or some wings — because fast food brands love to celebrate 4/20 just as much as the biggest stoners on earth. To help you find the best snacks to satiate those munchie cravings, we’re naming all the best 4/20 food deals in 2024.

Arby’s Join Arby’s Rewards program and receive a free sandwich of your choosing once a week for the entire month of April.

Buffalo Wild Wings Place an online order for pickup or delivery and receive six free wings with any purchase. Check out using the code “GOWING.”

Carl’s Jr Carl’s Jr is selling BOGO Famous Stars with Cheese on 4/20.

Del Taco Pick up eight snack-sized tacos for $4.20 between April 19th and the 21st.

Dunkin’ — Receive a free Cold Brew with any purchase made through the Dunkin’ mobile app.

Fatburger — Pick up an Original Fatburger for just $4.20 when ordering via the app.

Ike’s Love and Sandwiches — Ike’s and Weedmaps have teamed up for the THC Sandwich, a mix of turkey, honey, and hot cheetos served on toasted Dutch crunch bread. It’s the sort of sandwich that you’d only think to eat when high, so its kind of perfect for the holiday. Rewards club members that order the sandwich will receive $4.20 off their total when ordering on 4/20.


Insomnia Cookies — Receive a free Classic Cookie with any in-store purchase of $5 or more between April 19th to the 21st. Nothing says “4/20” like a big cookie!

Jimmy John’s — Pick up the Deliciously Dope Dime Bag to receive a smoked ham and provolne cheese sandwich with jalapeño ranch, oregano-basil, sliced pickles, fried jalapeños, tomato, and lettuce, alongside a chocolate fudge brownie, Jimmy Chips, and a thick pickle for just $10. Checkout using the promo code “DIMEBAG” to take advantage of the deal.


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KFC — People in the Los Angeles area can roll up to 1306 Abbot Kinney Blvd for a special KFC pop-up where you can receive free Honey Sriracha, Korean BBQ, Sticky Chicky Sweet ’n Sour, Nashville Hot, or George Gold sauced nuggets for free, with a chance to pick up some merch. The pop-up will be running from 12 to 6PM PST.

If you’re not in the LA area, you can still receive 10 free Saucy Nuggets anytime you spend $10 or more when ordering via the KFC app.

Popeyes — Part of what Popeyes is calling the “Munchies Menu,” you can pick up a Classic, Spicy, Blackened, or Spicy Blackened chicken sandwich and a side for just $/20 when purchasing through the Popeyes app. This deal has been ongoing all week and ends on 4/20.

Smashburger — Pick up four single Smash Burgers for just $20. Get it, 4 for $20?

Wingstop — It’s not exactly a deal, but Wingstop has a special flavor called THC Rub, which features a mix of chili peppers and other in-house seasoning and spices. Order the flavor on wings or a chicken sandwich, but act fast as the flavor is only available between April 18th and 21st.

White Caste — White Castle is doing BOGO deals on the Impossible Slider on 4/20 only.