These Bottles Of Booze Are Actually Worth The $100 Price Tag

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08.25.17 12 Comments


There’s a lot of booze out there to choose from. It’s pretty easy to go into a shop and find a bottle of whiskey or rum that’s reasonably priced and walk away a happy camper. But we’ve all had the experience of standing in the aisle of our liquor store, staring at those higher shelves, too. We’ve dreamt about those bottles that get into triple digits — they’re expensive, so some of them must be better, right? But it’s hard pulling that trigger when the cost of one bottle of alcohol equals three or four bottles of the standard stuff. Especially if we have no way of knowing if it’s really worth writing home about.

That’s why you have Uproxx Life in your life. We’ve gone through some of the more expensive bottles on those higher shelves to parse which ones are actually worth the money. We wanted to find the bottles where craftsmanship, quality, and love went into every bottle — not just clever Madison Avenue marketing.

A few caveats here, the prices are averages. You may be able to find some of these bottles for a better price in your state. It really just depends on how alcohol is taxed where you live. We’re also focusing are the dark spirits here. The amount of time and effort it takes to age a great alcohol is often the biggest expense. Some of these spirits have waited in warehouses for decades. So, no clear spirits. Sorry gin and vodka.

Okay, let’s jump into some expensive bottles of booze that are actually worth the price.


If you’re sippin’ on yak, it better be the best around. Remy Martin makes some of the best cognacs on the market. Their XO — literally eXtra Old — is twice distilled white wine from specific regions in France and blended with cognacs no younger than six years old. Although, that will change next year when XO will, by law, have to be no younger than ten years old when blended. That’s ten years spent aging in a barrel like a fine whiskey.

Expect a complex and subtle delight for the palate. This eau de vie, or water of life carries hints of cinnamon, prune, orange zest, hazelnut, dried apricot, and honeysuckle. It’s a delight.


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