Here Are The Best Flight Deals For The First Week Of December

Life Writer


These are the dogs days of cheap flight deals. Prices are ramped up for the inevitable Christmas and New’s rush. Yet, if you’re willing to do a little sleuthing and aren’t tied to hard travel dates, you can still find a few great deals out there (also check for error fares and late season specials).

As always, WowAir is offering $99 flights to get Americans all the way to Europe. And Norwegian is right on their heels with prices closer to $150 each way from the US to Europe. Frontier Airlines also has their usual budget prices with flights all over America for around $30 each way.

Below are some of the best deals floating to the surface on this Travel Tuesday. Happy hunting and happy travels!


Are you in New York between tomorrow and March? If so, you can snag a roundtrip flight to snowy Moscow on Aeroflot for $460. United is offering a great roundtrip rate between Atlanta and Chicago for only $78 between now and March. And Delta is offering roundtrips from New York to the Dominican Republic for $245 in late January.

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