Eight Places To Find Cheap Flights Right Now


Scoring a great deal on a flight can make or break a vacation. But scoring that cheap flight is not always easy. You have to be vigilant. You also have to be willing to sacrifice some of the comfier perks of big-name carriers. But, hey, if you’re willing to fly without excess luggage and don’t care where you sit on the plane, there are some serious deals out there pretty much all year now.

Budget airlines are starting to pop up more and more. The US market has Southwest, Jet Blue, Spirit, and Frontier to get you around America on the cheap. And, now, trans-continental carriers are starting to dominate the market. WOWair and Norwegian are about to get some serious competition from budget versions of major airlines — who, incidentally, aren’t just focusing on the US to Europe routes. Even budget carrier Air Asia is starting to make runs from Hawaii to spots all over Asia and Australia. That changes the game when it comes to getting to that part of the world.

Below are some of the best deals on cheap flights right now. These are the spots you should be following and setting up alerts with. Prices will vary. Sales will pass quickly. You’ve gotta shop it and you have to act fast. Happy Travels!


Secret Flying is the number one spot right now to find great deals. This one is better for seeing what sales and error fares are happening at the moment. So, it’s less about finding the flight you want and more about surprising yourself with a cheap ticket to a place you might not have thought about.


Concorde is a new aggregator for cheap flights. They use an algorithm to parse everything going on sales-wise between a lion’s share of airlines and discount travel agents.

They have a leaderboard on their landing page with great deals from all over the world to, well, all over the world. You can sign up for flight alerts right at the top of their landing page with your home airport. Likewise, you can search flights like any other major site to compare results from Expedia or Kayak.


Momondo is pretty consistent in finding great deals on flights everywhere you could ever dream of going. Their ‘trip finder‘ is a great place to start. Just enter your home city, times, and budget, and see what comes up.

Another great extra Momondo employs is a rolling price graph when you search flights. You’ll be able to spy cheap days to fly around your dates and adjust accordingly with ease. It will save you cash.


WOWair is an ever expanding budget carrier that’ll get you to Europe for $99 each way — if you shop it.

They’re also running a sweepstakes right now. If you Facebook, tweet, or Instagram #WOWMIRACLE with a dream destination in the body of the message, you may win a drone delivered gift from WOWair. A free flight to Europe isn’t the worst gift to receive this time of year.


Norwegian is WOWair’s biggest competition at the moment. They’re running flights from the states to Europe for around $150 each way. Generally speaking, you’re going to need to check out their calendars to see when you can actually get flights that cheap. They’ll vary greatly. But if you’re not pinned to exact dates, you’ll be able to get to Europe on the cheap. And that just means more money to spend while you’re there.


Air Asia is positioning itself to be the Pacific Ocean and Asian analog of WOWair and Norwegian. They’ve recently started flying from Honolulu to Asia $76 one way. In theory, their flatbed premium economy is often cheaper than an economy seat on a major carrier.

Once you’re in Asia, they also offer crazy cheap flights all over East Asia, South Asia, and Australia. Some of them as cheap as $20 one way.


Level is one of the airlines coming after your tourist dollars in 2018. The British Airways company is aiming squarely at young, hip travelers who know they don’t have to pay premiums to get from point a to point b.

Level just started flying between the US, Canada, South America and Europe and their prices are competitive. You can snag a ticket from Boston to Barcelona for around $150 each way or New York to Paris for $130 each way. They have an added bonus of premium class seats with flat beds only costing a few hundred more — meaning, again, you can fly premium for the price of economy on a standard airline. Which is always 100 percent worth it if you’re on a plane for more than four hours.


Let’s say you’re already in Europe, then Ryanair is going to be your play for getting around. Ryanair’s tickets are cheaper than bus fare and far and away cheaper than train tickets. Depending on where you’re based in Europe, you’ll be able to get tickets for about $10 each way all over the continent. There’s really no cheaper way to see Europe.