An Attempt To Pick The Best Local Culinary Experiences In The World

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There are so many aspects of travel that make it worthy of your time and money. We’ve done the math and… it’s sure to improve your quality of life. Seriously, the promises of increased sex and weight loss alone call to us at a deafening volume and pitch.

But, how could we possibly lose weight when at least 75 percent of our motivation (barring the sex thing) is dining? And, this isn’t necessarily because we have an unhealthy relationship with food, either… no matter what Aunt Liz said at Thanksgiving. The fact is: Anyone who isn’t getting a passport to scarf some street food and do some culinary flossing at a joint with a Michelin star is doing it wrong.

Among all the iconic travel/food experiences, eating a truly local meal reigns supreme. What’s better than wandering the markets of Madagascar to locate the juiciest zebu skewer or finally uncovering that perfectly proportioned fish taco you’ve been dreaming of in the Baja?

To get details on the best cuisine across the globe, we turned to travel influencer and writer Gillie Houston. Her whole gig is literally to search the planet for great food, so she was the perfect pick to speak on this subject (she’s also 24, which just made every human on earth insanely jealous). The phenom also partners with brands, recently working with Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card by Chase, and often shares food and travel via her Instagram or in the articles she writes for any number of outlets. When asked for her favorite cities for local food, Houston delivered, with recommendations for restaurants and specific dishes, along with explanations of what makes each food scene special.

Check out what she has to say and toss your personal faves in the comments. The more, the better.

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