The 10 Best Gaming Podcasts Right Now

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04.19.18 6 Comments
best gaming podcasts right now

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Gaming, as a hobby, has gone from a niche pastime for nerds to widely beloved, well-reputed activity of the masses. Everyone has a game console, a game they love on their computers, or something they incessantly play on their phones. Video game movies top the box office, hit games get turned into game shows, and, of course, there are scores of podcasts on the subject.

We picked these pods, not because they’re the nerdiest, but because they make you think differently about games. Whether they dive deep into the past, talk about the artistic achievement of the present, or just happen to be really, really funny, the pods we listed here are all winners.

Here are the best podcasts about games of all sorts.

Nintendo Power


Yes, the classic magazine is back in podcast form, and it’s even hosted by the magazine’s former editor, Chris Slate. But don’t expect the tips and tricks that were the magazine’s bread and butter. The podcast is a detailed, in-depth look at a game or a product Nintendo puts out each episode, really digging into the design and approach from developers. The result is a surprisingly thoughtful podcast that will make you appreciate the games on your Switch much, much more, and understand just what’s happening even when you want to snap the controller in half.

Best Episode: An interview with the developer of Celeste about the tough-as-nails platformer really gives you a new appreciation of how much work goes into making a game that’s fair, but hard. Especially if you’ve gotten trapped in one of its brutal rooms, you’ll view it far differently by the end.

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