Our Favorite New(ish) Grocery Store Snacks And Kitchen Staples To Stock Up On For Spring

It’s time to innovate your diet. For some, that undoubtedly means making healthier choices. For others, it’s about continuing your hibernation era and letting the pounds come as they may. Though… we’ll take this time to remind you that spring is right around the corner!

Once again we’re naming all of our favorite new (or new-ish or new to us!) snacks and foods worth picking up the next time you hit the grocery store. Welcome to the Grocery Roundup, your one-stop shop for all things snackworthy.

Let’s dive in!

Rummo — Rigatoni No. 50

Grocery Roundup

Average Price: $5.99

Why We Love It:

Don’t let anyone tell you that all boxed pastas are the same, they’re not. We can get super nerdy and talk about the drying process of one brand over another and why that’s important, but who has time for that?

The biggest differentiating factor between good boxed pasta and the bad stuff you can pick up for $1 is the texture. A great pasta will soak up any sauce you pour over it, making each forkful of dinner an explosion of flavor and textures. I haven’t found a brand of pasta better than Rummo.

Each lot of pasta made by Rummo is tested by two separate chefs who cook the pasta and measure the firmness to the brand’s specification, and that focus on quality translates.

I recently made a white wine garlic cream sauce with shallots, fresh basil, and spinach and poured it all over a pot of Rummo’s Rigatoni’s No. 50 and was blown away by the way the noodles absorbed my homemade sauce. I also instantly regretted that I didn’t save these noodles for a thicker, tomato-based sauce — that’s where Rigatoni shines best.

Don’t make my mistake! But do get Rummo if you want the best possible dried pasta!

Pick up a bag of Rummo here.

Levain Bakery Decadent Cookie Assortment

Grocery Roundup
Levain Bakery

Average Price: $29 (4 pack)

Why We Love It:

On a recent trip to New York City, I visited the famed Levain Bakery at the insistence of my girlfriend. Since we were dealing with a very tight schedule, I didn’t think that stopping off for cookies was worth the speed bump in our day. Boy, was I wrong.

Once I had a cookie from Levain I stopped in my tracks and proclaimed “This is the best cookie I’ve ever had in my life.” I’ve had a lot of really great cookies before, I’ve never felt the need to call one the best.

Since that day I’ve been dreaming about Levain, and then I found out, I don’t have to dream anymore — there is a Levain in Los Angeles. And even if I didn’t live in LA, Levain has an online store and will ship you fresh cookies anywhere in the country.

I think you should order whatever cookie appeals to you, they’re all good, but to get the best sense of what makes the brand great, I’d suggest the Decadent Cookie Assortment.

With this greatest hits package, you’re going to get all of Levain’s signature cookies, including Caramel Coconut Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip (my personal favorite), and Two Chip Chocolate Chip. Each cookie is supremely chewy and as the name suggests, wonderfully decadent.

Pick up a pack of the Decadent Cookie Assortment at Levain.

Trader Joe’s — Non-Dairy Cinnamon Bun Oat Creamer

Grocery Roundup
Trader Joes

Average Price: $1.99

Why We Love It:

Looking to craft a latte or cup of coffee that reflects the flavors of winter but don’t want to brave the busy retail season Starbucks line? We feel that. This is why Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Cinnamon Bun Oat Creamer is a must-pick-up.

This non-dairy creamer features a smooth and rich consistency that is heavily seasoned with cinnamon and sugar. There is something incredibly cozy and comforting about the flavor. Personally, I like it in coffee, which I think compliments the earthy oat flavor of its base best.

Find your nearest Trader Joe’s here.

Bubbies — Pistachio Mochi


Average Price: $14

Why We Love It:

It may not be a traditional mochi flavor but Bubbie’s Pistachio mochi is flat-out delicious. This Mochie features a soft and gummy outer with a sweet, earthy, nutty pistachio-flavored ice cream and pistachio inside. It’s like a little bite of magic.

Pick up a box of Bubbies here.

McConnell’s x Garrison Brothers Whiskey & Pecan Pralines


Average Price: $12

Why We Love It:

There are few desserts as luxurious and decadent as boozy ice cream, and I’m not sure I’ve had a pint that is as rich as this collaboration between McConnell’s and Garrison Brothers Whiskey.

This creamy delight features chunks of roasted pecans encased in caramel, creamy vanilla ice cream, and smokey slightly spicy Bourbon notes. The way the creamy, buttery, boozy and salty flavors combine is downright addictive.

Pick up a pint of McConnell’s x Garrison Brothers Whiskey & Pecan Pralines online.

Drumstick — Lil Drums Vanilla/Chocolate

Grocery Roundup

Average Price: $7.79

Why We Love It:

You’ve no doubt had a Drumstick before and while I don’t want to take anything away from that classic freezer staple, the Lil Drums are even better. While you don’t have that iconic nut-crusted shell, the Lil Drum puts the focus on the ice cream itself.

Each cone features vanilla or chocolate ice cream swirled with fudge and topped with nuts, turning each bite into a mini sundae. The Lil Drums are also, true to their name, smaller in size than a traditional Drumstick — making them a better choice for late-night snacking.

Pick up a box here.

Trader Joe’s Brown Sugar Cardamom Buns

Trader Joe

Average Price: $4.49

Why We Love It:

Why isn’t cardamom used on grocery store sweets more often? It’s peppery, herbal, floral, citrus-y, it has such a complex bouquet of flavors that it instantly elevates anything it’s used on. With TJ’s Brown Sugar Cardamom Buns, the cardamom is the star of the show.

Each knotted bun is peppered with brown sugar and cardamom resulting in a rich pasty with a doughy bite that is perfect to pair with coffee. The Cardamom Buns aren’t sweet like donuts, they instead have a spicy savory quality and feel more like a meal than a mere snack.

Find your nearest Trader Joe’s here.

EDITOR’S PICK: St. Pierre Brioche Pretzel Rolls

Grocery Roundup
St. Pierre

Average Price: $6.99

Why We Love It:

St. Pierre found a brilliant market gap, which was “I bet we can beat these tired old grocery store bread brands!”

Well, guess what? They were right! They have improved grocery store rolls and bread immensely. Their brioche burger buns are my absolute go-to for burger night. Their hot dog buns turn the page on decades of stale trash. And now, their pretzel rolls give storebought kielbasa the platform it’s always deserved.

These are soft and have that gentle brioche sweetness. They don’t taste overly fake or gummy. They have a nice bite and they add a whole lot to the sausage-eating experience.

Pick up a bag of St. Pierre Bricoche Pretzel Rolls here.

EDITOR’S PICK: Heraclea Mature Harvest

Grocery Roundup

Average Price: $16

Why We Love It:

Is there a difference between this and base-level grocery store olive oil? Yes. Can a non-food writer taste it? Also, yes. The fact of the matter is that olive oil is a product with a single ingredient. So it’s no surprise that products utilizing better olives are better.

In this case, that means some dense grassy overtones but not the green-grassiness of California-based olive oils. This is a Mediterranian oil all the way. You get richer, deeper flavor notes and just a little peppery bite.

After buying this oil in fall, I have made this my house oil for bread dipping. It deserves to be the star of the bread course rather than hidden in a cooked dish.

Pick up a bottle of Heraclea Olive Oil here.

EDITOR’S PICK: Carbone — Spicy Vodka Sauce

Grocery Roundup

Average Price: $23.99 (2 pack)

Why We Love It:

As Uproxx has mentioned many times, it takes a lot to impress us with jarred sauce. Well, this vodka sauce did the trick. It’s not as creamy as vodka sauces at Umberto’s Clam House and other NYC classic joints, but the spice is very much there and we salute that.

Moreover, the tomato notes here are very clean and bright. You get big tomato bursts beside Calabrian peppers. Add just enough vodka to quickly burn off and a dollop of cream plus some parm and you will certainly have people thinking this is homemade. If that’s too much effort fear not, this is a great sauce with no mods at all and will be likely to smash in our next blind test.

Pick up a jar of Carbone Spicy Vodka Sauce here.

EDITOR’S PICK: Goodles — IPA-Inspired Mac & Cheese

Grocery Roundup

Average Price: $4.89

Why We Love It:

Goodles has long been our favorite brand of boxed mac and this new IPA flavor has been a long time coming. To be honest, I don’t like IPAs or hops but… I like this. It tastes hoppy, slightly bitter, a teeny bit piney without being overly “IPA-ish.” Overall, the “hop” flavor is more what I’d typify as a “piney-funk” — which plays well with cheese.

It doesn’t quite take the spot as my favorite Goodles flavor (Cheesy Mac still rules) but it’s my new #2 pick in the brand’s lineup.

Pick up a box of Goodles If You’re Hoppy And You Know It here.

EDITOR’S PICK: Laird Prebiotic Daily Greens

Grocery Roundup

Average Price: $35 (15 pack single serving)

Why We Love It:

The problem with health stuff is… the second it takes a ton of effort, building a routine gets really thorny. But I’ve been adding these pre-biotic daily greens to smoothies and loving them. The taste is definitely “green” but it doesn’t overpower a fruit smoothie and is packed with ingredients that I couldn’t easily access on my own (chlorophyll, for example).

If you’re going to trust someone with health stuff, Laird Hamilton is that freaking guy. The dude has made health his life and his life looks pretty awesome.


Okay, bro — you’re about to turn 60 and still surfing the biggest waves on earth? Yeah, I’m down to try your greens in my smoothie.

Pick up a bag of Laird’s Prebiotic Daily Greens here.

EDITOR’S PICK: Momofuku Noodle Variety Pack


Average Price: $70

Why We Love It:

We’ve all seen how bad the cheapest ramen brands are for our bodies. Also, we all like ramen and rarely have time to make our own noodles.

So what to do? Get better ramen noodles.

Momofuku’s quick ramen varieties are delicious and taste about as close to restaurant quality as I could imagine someone producing. The seasoning mix is balanced and the spice (where noted) is pretty legit. These are such an upgrade from typical three-minute ramen that I can’t imagine someone going back to the others.

Pick up the Momofuku variety pack here.

Hotpot Queen Wild Mushroom Chili Sauce


Average Price: $14.99

Why We Love It:

I’ve been truly obsessed with this. It’s my number one condiment right now. The umami depth from the mushrooms is extreme and the spice level is excellent. Truly, I’m going through one of these every other week. They’re fantastic.

If you want more umami and heat in your food, this condiment is a must.

Pick up a jar of Wild Mushroom Chili Sauce here.

EDITOR’S PICK — Algae Cooking Club Chef-Grade Algae Oil


Average Price: $25

Why We Love It:

This is excellent cooking oil with a high smoke point. It’s sustainable, vegan, full of Omega-3s, and delicious (though very neutral). I have been using it on pasta dishes and with veggies and have had great success.

If you’re trying to ease into a healthier diet, this is a change you can make immediately that won’t adversely affect flavor at all!

Pick up ACC’s Chef-Grade Algae Oil here.