Still Looking For A Halloween Costume? Here’s A Running List of Our 2016 Favorites!

Life & Culture Editor
10.31.16 3 Comments


Halloween is tonight, which means two things: It’s the only night of the year when it’s acceptable for you — an actual adult with a job and responsibilities — to wander door to door begging for candy and there’s about a 98 percent chance that you don’t have a costume (yet). And hey, that’s fine! You probably went to a party this weekend and thought about how great it was that you didn’t bother dressing up because “how much work is that?”

But now it really is Halloween, and you’re feeling like you might be missing out! No concerns, no regrets, we’ve got you covered: From costumes you could make in an hour (in order to go out and snatch that sweet, sweet candy, yo) to costumes you’ll only be able to admire until next year (because they’ll take about a lifetime to make), here are some of the best costumes out there (we’ll be updating all day!):

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