The Memes That Defined 2018 — From ‘Scared To Moan’ To ‘Bongo Cat’

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While not all of us are skilled in the art of creating memes, we all take part in the culture that surrounds them. The meme economy, if you will. Whether you’re putting your own spin on a template/format or merely helping to spread a joke around, memes have become our modern hieroglyphs — reflecting this unique era of human existence and, occasionally, the darker aspects of the collective psyche. Also, they’re usually pretty funny.

Memes can range from being completely absurd and surrealistic to acting as legit commentary about current events. At the very least, they make the internet a much more enjoyable place. We all know by now that Twitter is full of Nazis, assholes, and narcissists, but it’s also home to some of the strangest and most endearing humor of our time. A good meme is quick, simple, and to the point, and for that we love them.

We’ve taken a look back at all the memes of 2018 and collected the ones that still make us laugh. If you’ve felt like we left one off, feel free to chime in the comments about what your favorite memes were. Unless you’re going to ask where the “Tide Pod Challenge” is — that one is just dumb and we’re not having it.

BitConnect Carlos

No one is better at identifying the living memes of the world than Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3 Productions (‘Papa Bless’ those two!). Since the duo’s start on YouTube, they’ve brought some of the world’s best memes to our attention and BitConnect Carlos is just one of many from this year.

Carlos Matos, an investor for cryptocurrency exchange site BitConnect, brought the internet something to smile about in a particularly gruesome year with his enthusiastic presentation for the site. Carlos starts his speech with a McConaughey-via-Wolf-of-Wall-Street-esque hum along and a “Wass-a-wass-a-wass-a-wass-a-wassuppp BitConnect!” rallying cry. The clip is about three more minutes of various quotable gems and we’ve grown particularly fond of borrowing BitConnect Carlos’ infectious “mmm-mmm no no no!” anytime we feel the need to enthusiastically refuse something.

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